A-5053 Nebraska Holocaust Memorial Dedicated April 15, 2007

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Abstract/Description: This volume covers the period from 1979 to 2013 (predominantly from 2003 to 2009) and contains material related to the Nebraska Holocaust Memorial at Wyuka Cemetery in Lincoln, Nebraska. The Memorial was dedicated on April 15, 2007. In 2009, a restricted endowment fund, the Sam and Frances Fried Nebraska Holocaust Memorial Endowment Fund (later renamed to the Sam and Frances Fried Holocaust Memorial Maintenance Fund), was established to maintain the memorial. The volume contains photographs, news articles, correspondence, event programs, memoranda, meeting minutes, brochures, donor records, press releases, legal documents, talking points, fact sheets, and other records related to the creation and support of the Nebraska Holocaust Memorial. Most of the documents are original and a few are reproductions. In addition to information about the Nebraska Holocaust Memorial itself, the volume contains records of earlier Holocaust remembrance events, services, and memorials, as well as the organizational records of the Nebraska Holocaust Memorial Committee, including correspondence from the Lincoln Community Foundation and the Jewish Foundation of Omaha, which helped finance the Memorial. Also included is some historical information about the Holocaust and genocide in general, which would have been presented at the Memorial. The last part of this volume contains information on the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, dedicated on April 22, 1993. Materials in this section date from 1982 through 2013, and includes records related to early efforts to create the Museum, information about the Museum itself, and a 2013 Omaha World-Herald article connecting the U.S. Holocaust Museum to Sam Fried, a program at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and the photography of Ophir Palmon. 3-inch-thick expanding two-post binder with black fabric cover and title page created by Sam Fried. Each item within is encapsulated in an 8.5" x 11" plastic sleeve.
Subject(s): Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)
Holocaust memorials
Personal papers
Records (documents)
Date Created: 1979-2013

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