UNO Women’s Resource Center Student Agency Records

The records of the UNO Women’s Resource Center student agency include administrative material created by the student agency as well as print and digital photographs (circa 1995-2014) and newsletters (circa 1995-1998) documenting the organization’s activities. A statement of purpose for the Women’s Resource from 1977 is the oldest document in the collection. The collection includes twelve signs created for the 2015 Homecoming drag show; one sign was deliberately ripped as part of that show's production. Twelve folders were transferred from the University Archives File Cabinet Collection. The folder titles are: Information Concerning the Center, Miscellaneous Information, Programs, Publications--"Campus Resources Handbook," Publications--"On Women" 1985-1989, Publications--"W.R.C. Network" (Began: June 27, 1994), Publications--"W.R.C. Newsletter" 1981-1984, Publications--"Reflections" 1977-1981, Publications--"Women Aloud" (Began with issue #2, November, 1992. Issue #1 (dated August, 1992) was entitled: "Women's Resource Center Newsletter"), Publications--"Women's Resource Center Guide To Publicity," Developed by Helene Quigley, 1985, Publications--"Women's Resource Center Newsletter" 1990-1992 (Became "Women Aloud" with the November, 1992 issue), Reports--Quarterly Report to the Student Senate.

Statement on Harmful Material: Materials in UNO Libraries’ Archives and Special Collections are historical in nature and reflect the society in which they were produced. As such, they may contain racial, gender, sexual, religious, and other language and imagery that are offensive by today's standards. The documents, images, publications, and other materials have been retained in order to fully represent the materials in their original format. If the offensive text is not in the original, but in a finding aid, catalog record, or other description created by library employees, please contact Archives and Special Collections to bring this to our attention. Archives & Special Collections is guided by the core values of the Society of American Archivists. If you have questions about this statement or about Archives and Special Collections’ work, we welcome your feedback. Please contact us at or 402-554-6046.